AI in finance

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionise the financial services industry by boosting productivity and cutting costs.

However, a recent Financial Times article highlights that many financial institutions need help implementing AI successfully due to fears of job loss, regulatory concerns, and institutional inertia.

At NexaQuanta, these challenges can be effectively addressed with the right approach and technology.

Partnering with IBM Watsonx, we offer comprehensive AI solutions that empower organisations while ensuring compliance and responsible AI adoption.

Top AI Fears in Financial Services

1). Addressing Job Loss Fears

One of the primary concerns deterring bankers from fully embracing AI is the fear of job losses. The misconception that AI will replace human jobs rather than augment them is widespread.

NexaQuanta utilises IBM Watsonx solutions to empower people instead of replacing them. Our AI-driven tools are designed to enhance productivity and efficiency, allowing employees to focus on higher-value tasks.

For example, AI can automate routine tasks such as data entry and analysis, freeing employees to engage in more strategic and customer-focused activities.

Tom Blomfield, co-founder of Monzo, noted that generative AI can make banks more efficient and provide the same products at a lower cost.

By integrating IBM Watsonx, NexaQuanta ensures that AI acts as a productivity tool, complementing human efforts and driving organisational growth without the need for widespread job cuts.

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2). Navigating Regulatory Concerns

Regulatory concerns are another significant barrier to AI adoption in financial services. Financial institutions must adhere to strict compliance rules, and AI implementation must align with these regulations.

NexaQuanta, as a Silver IBM Business Partner, offers responsible AI solutions that ensure compliance with AI regulations. IBM Watsonx.Governance is the only industry solution specifically designed to help organisations navigate the complexities of AI governance.

This tool ensures that AI models are transparent, fair, and accountable, addressing regulatory concerns and fostering stakeholder trust.

Wincie Wong from NatWest emphasised assessing AI risks, ethics, and vulnerabilities before deployment.

NexaQuanta’s responsible AI principles align with this approach, ensuring that all AI solutions are thoroughly tested for biases and meet the highest data privacy and security standards.

3). Overcoming Institutional Inertia

Institutional inertia, or the resistance to change within organisations, is a common challenge in AI implementation. Traditional banks, often designed around analogue processes, find it difficult to transition to digital solutions.

NexaQuanta offers expert consulting and implementation services to help organisations overcome this inertia. Our team of experienced Generative AI Business Strategists, Architects, Researchers, Data Scientists, and Software Developers work closely with clients to develop and deliver advanced AI-powered transformation solutions.

Nasir Zubairi from Luxembourg House of Financial Technology highlighted institutions’ reluctance to adopt AI, even when it can significantly reduce costs.

Organisations can streamline their operations by partnering with NexaQuanta and utilising IBM Watsonx to achieve substantial cost savings. For instance, AI models can enhance anti-money laundering checks, saving significant amounts in salaries while improving accuracy and efficiency.

4). Ensuring Safe and Responsible AI Adoption

The adoption of AI in the financial sector also raises concerns about the safety and reliability of AI systems. Large language models, which power most generative AI products, can sometimes produce inaccuracies or be vulnerable to hacking.

NexaQuanta’s collaboration with IBM Watsonx addresses these concerns by promoting safe and responsible AI adoption. Our solutions undergo rigorous testing and validation to operate securely and reliably.

Carina Kozole from N26 highlighted the importance of embracing AI to remain competitive. NexaQuanta’s holistic approach to responsible AI addresses immediate challenges and prepares organisations for future advancements.

By actively collaborating with industry experts, regulatory bodies, and community stakeholders, we stay ahead of evolving ethical considerations and contribute to developing AI technologies that benefit society.


The challenges of AI adoption in the financial sector are significant but manageable. NexaQuanta, in partnership with IBM Watsonx, offers comprehensive solutions that address job loss fears, regulatory concerns, institutional inertia, and safety issues.

By empowering employees, ensuring compliance, and promoting responsible AI adoption, we help financial institutions harness AI’s full potential to drive higher revenues, profitability, and productivity.

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