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of your processes and existing software solutions by leveraging cutting-edge Generative AI technologies.

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for all phases of your AI adoption journey to unlock the full potential of Generative AI technologies.

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By leveraging the latest Generative AI technologies and a highly experienced team.

About Us

AI Transformation Experts with 20+ years of Service Excellence

NexaQuanta empowers organizations to accomplish AI-driven transformation of their processes and software applications by leveraging cutting-edge Generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies such as ChatGPT & other LLMs, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Text and Document Processing, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning. We partner with our clients to develop completely new custom software applications as well as to supercharge and transform existing software applications with the latest AI technologies.

Headquartered in London, UK, NexaQuanta is a team of highly experienced AI researchers, enterprise architects & software developers with 20+ years of service excellence in AI-powered transformation. The team has developed & delivered advanced Generative AI solutions in diverse industries and to large enterprise clients such as Barclays, KPMG, EY, Fidelity, OCBC bank, AIA, Cargill, Lloyds Register, and the UK Government.

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Expert AI Transformation Services

NexaQuanta specialises in AI-powered digital transformation services to help organisations optimize operations, enhance customer engagement, unlock new revenue streams, identify risk, and swiftly adapt to market changes utilizing cutting-edge Generative AI technologies.

With NexaQuanta’s AI Transformation Services, unlock the true potential of your existing software solutions by harnessing the power of the latest Generative AI technologies as easy-to-integrate add-ons and plugins to gain a formidable edge over your competitors.

Unlock the full potential of Generative AI technologies with NexaQuanta’s expert consulting services for all phases of your AI adoption journey including AI awareness and immersion, use case identification and feasibility, proof of concept and business case development, and more.

By leveraging the latest Generative AI technologies and a highly experienced team, we develop highly innovative AI software applications that are tailored to meet the unique needs, challenges, and opportunities of businesses of all sizes and across various industries.

Our Expertise

Generative AI

We specialize in cutting-edge Generative AI technologies such as ChatGPT and other Large Language Models (LLMs) , Diffusion Models, GANs, Variational AutoEncoders (VAEs), Transformer Models, etc. to enable AI-powered transformation.

Language & Document Processing

With our deep expertise in the latest AI technologies for Natural Language, Text, and Document processing, we help businesses search, read, understand, and analyse natural language text from several data sources & document types.

Computer Vision

NexaQuanta specializes in developing software applications using advanced Computer Vision techniques such as object detection and recognition, image segmentation, image understanding and analysis in numerous industry segments.

Machine Learning

We excel in using advanced machine learning techniques and algorithms to develop innovative software solutions across a wide spectrum of use cases and industry domains providing transformative value.

Blockchain and Web 3.0

Through our expertise and deep understanding of Blockchain, DLT, and Web 3.0, we empower businesses to harness the potential of decentralized systems and unlock new opportunities for growth and efficiency in financial services.

MLOps & DataOps

From AI model development & deployment to monitoring, versioning, and governance, we manage the entire lifecycle of the data and AI models to ensure they are robust, scalable, and continuously optimized for peak performance.

CEO & Chief Scientist

Zeeshan Anwar

  • Zeeshan is an experienced and visionary AI technology leader passionate about innovation and transformation using the latest Generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies.
  • As co-founder & CTO of AI XPRT, Zeeshan spent seven years successfully developing and delivering advanced AI-powered transformation solutions for large enterprise clients such as Barclays, KPMG, EY, Fidelity, OCBC bank, AIA, Cargill, Lloyds Register, and UK Government. AI XPRT was acquired by Ideagen PLC, marking a successful exit for Zeeshan and the team.
  • Zeeshan has 20+ years of experience in leading and managing large-scale cross-functional engineering teams for the research and development of AI-powered Enterprise Software Applications (SaaS, Web, Mobile) in multiple industry domains while working for global technology players such as Samsung, Johnson Controls, Mentor Graphics, and Ideagen.
  • He is a thought leader in Generative AI technology, inventor of multiple US Patents, and author of numerous published research papers.
  • Zeeshan holds a Master of Engineering in Artificial Intelligence (AI) from McGill University, Canada.

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The development of AI-powered innovative software applications is an iterative and complex process. There is a higher risk of AI-driven transformation projects taking longer to complete, not achieving the desired results after production deployment, or failing after a valuable investment of time and money if the team does not have the required experience and skills. Choosing NexaQuanta as a technology partner will enable you to avoid these risks of failure and empower you to accomplish your AI-powered transformation vision.

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